Solutions of Automotive Industry

An upgrade of the automotive industry, a revolution of AI+.


Let the car intelligently "recognize" the owner. Provide drivers with a full range of comfortable and safe driving experience.

Use Cases

  • Face Unlock & Start

    Using face to open the car door and start the engine.

    By face detection, further optimize the experience of "no sense" to unlock the car.

  • Smartly Identify Driver

    Automatically adjust settings to suit the driver.

    Precisely identify the driver, quickly adjust the vehicle's personalized configuration with the help of the vehicle intelligent system.

  • Fatigue Driving Detect

    Detect the driver's abnormal state such as fatigue driving.

    Using gaze estimation, emotion recognition and other technologies,to monitor the driver's state at any time. Timely make warn to protect safety when fatigue driving or sudden illnesses.

Why Us

  • Privacy

    Use Face_token algorithm, to protect customer privacy

  • Strong Algorithm

    Industry-leading algorithms, high recognition accuracy

  • Security

    Strong verification and detection, to protect starting safe and driving safety of vehicles

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