Solutions of Education Industry

Providing all-round support for online and traditional education, the AI technology links schools and students more closely.


Computer vision facilitates students' campus life, diversifies teaching methods and protects the campus security.

Use Cases

  • Online Education

    User identity verification, prevent identity theft

    Face-based identity verification can verify students' identify more intelligently.

  • Expression Analysis

    Using students' expressions to judge acceptance

    By analyzing the students'expressions and movements, help teachers to judge the degree of acceptance.

  • Video Surveillance

    Effectively identify the strangers and protect students' safety

    Identify strangers on campus. At the same time, predict large crowd gathering to avoid the mass incidents.

  • Intelligent Access

    Applied to the library, dormitory, etc.

    Applied to the library, dormitory, etc., improve traffic efficiency as well as protect students' safety.

  • AR teaching

    Virtual classroom, rich teaching methods

    The use of body outlining, gesture virtual stickers, etc., greatly enrich the online education, compared to offline education.

  • Live video surveillance

    Parents can get the child's activity anytime and anywhere

    Parents can get the child's dynamics in school anytime and anywhere.You can also save precious video clips.

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