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Run Facial Recognition on Mobile. Offline

Run Facial Recognition on Mobile. Offline

Face Compare SDK enables your application to perform facial recognition on mobile devices. Process all the data locally and completely offline, no need of internet connection. Avaiable for iOS and Android now.

Detect and Compare All Faces in Videos, in Real Time

Detect all the faces in images and video streams in real time, and perform face comparing. Face SDK has mobile-optimized algorithms that can compare efficiently and accurately. Adapt to most scenarios and influences, and support multi-ethnicity recognition. Power your business stably and reliably.

Detect and Compare All Faces in Videos, in Real Time
  • Accuracy Higher than 99%, in Real World

    Powered by Face++ award-winning deep learning algorithms, and large-scale training database, Face SDK offers compare accuracy higher than 99% in real world applications. Stable and reliable.

  • Robust Algorithm to Handle Most Extreme Scenarios

    Constantly refined in real-world applications, Face++ smart algorithm can handle most of extreme scenarios and influences, including blocking, improper illumination and head pose, multiple people.

  • Get Face Feature and Compare in 200 ms

    With Face++ Lowbit Boost Technology, Face SDK is built to process images and video streams efficiently on mobile devices. Get face feature and compare in 200 ms. Face++ delivers an unprecedented experience that keeps your apps away from video lag or jerk.

  • Adapt to Multi-Ethinicity Recognition

    With powerful algorithms, Face Compare SDK is able to maintain high performance on most common ethnicities, including East Asian (Yellow), African (Black), Indian and European (White / Caucasian).

Easily Integrate and Release in 24 Hours

Easily Integrate and Release in 24 Hours

Face SDK has elaborate instruction-set optimization for iOS and Android platforms. We provide detailed documents and guides, Demo App and professional tech support for developers. You can integrate the SDK into your app and release in 24 hours.

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