Capacities Included

Face Detection

Face Tracking

Face Landmarks (106-point)

Face Attributes : Head Pose

Face Comparing / Searching

Offline Licensing

Validity Unit Price (USD)
One year (365 days) per platform 200,000

Platforms Supported



Tech Specs

Version: 0.4.7

SDK Size: ~ 7 M

Allowable Face Angle: yaw ≤ ±45°, pitch ≤ ±90°

Detect Speed: 100ms @ 1080p*

Track Speed: 7ms @ 1080p*

Compare Speed: Get Face Feature 200 ms, Compare < 1ms @ 1080p*

Compare Accuracy: ROC *

FPR TPR Threshold
0.1 0.9907 43.9738
0.01 0.9835 60.6078
0.001 0.945 70.3895
0.0001 0.8345 76.562
1.00E-05 0.6592 80.8815

* The tech specs listed above are from testing report with newest Face CompareSDK, on real application database. The algorithms on Face Compare SDK are not the same as algorithms on other products, including Web API and other SDK, thus the tech specs are not applicable to other products. Performance of algorithms depends on the device and database. This is for your reference only.