Solutions of Mobile Phone Industry

As the pioneer of mobile AI technology, Face++ provides all-round and distinguished business solutions.


By face recognition, mobile phone can use the face unlock, automatic photo clustering and others, to optimize user experience.

Use Cases

  • Face Unlock

    Create unnoticed unlock experience

    By face recognition and vertification, users can simply unlock their smart phones. Face Unlock will become the mainstream of biometric mobile unlock methods in the future.

  • Album Cluster

    Automatically clustering portraits

    Through analyzing facial features, the program can automatically recognize and cluster the same person's photos in the album.

Why Us

  • Payment-level Security

    Innovative algorithms like machine learning were engaged to assure payment-level Unlock security.

  • Advanced Technology

    Our Leading algorithm enables accurate recognition and swift unlock.

  • Customer Service

    Professional technical support provides you with all-round, high quality services.

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