Facemoji SDK

Create 3D animations that mirror your facial expressions in real time


  • Detect and track facial expressions based on accurate face landmark
  • Create 3D face in real time and mirror animations smoothly
  • Rich cartoon images to fit varies scenarios


  • Online Chat

    Send fun Facemoji messages

  • Live Streaming

    Use Facemoji to fit varies topics during webcasting

  • Online Education

    Use virtual images to attract students's attention

Technical Specifications

  • Abilities Included
    Face detection, Face landmark, 3D face built, Expression driven
  • Platforms
  • Specifications
    Supported Version: V1.0
    Valid angles range:yaw ≤ ±30°, roll≤ 20°, pitch ≤ 20°
    Detection Speed : 100ms @ 1080p*
    Tracking Speed:7ms @ 1080p*
    • OS:Android 4.0.4 and above, API Level 14 and above
    • CPU:armeabi-v7a, armeabi-v8a,and arm basedCPU;NEON instruction set
    • RAM:≥ 60M
    • ROM:≥ 25M
    • Supported Camera:≥ 0.3 Megapixel
    • Image:Recommended Image Resolution: ≥ 512x512;Supported Image Format: YUV_NV21
    The specification is for informational purposes only.

Ready to get started?

Integrate the SDK into your app, use Face++ services in mobile, PC or other devices.