What is Body Detection?

What is Body Detection?

Face++ detects and locates human bodies within an image, and returns high-precision body bounding boxes.

Body detection is the first step to analyzing and processing bodies. You can perform body attributes analysis on each detected body image, to get more detailed body-related information.



Try Body Detection now by uploading a local image, or providing an image URL.
This demo is built with Human Body Detect API (Beta). If you have any specific technical requirements, check the index below
or contact us.


Response JSON

Body Attributes

Use Cases

  • Crowd Monitoring

    Crowd Monitoring

    In crowded public space including underground, city square and building, monitor the amount, density and flow of crowd. Detect unusual activities like gathering, blocking and disruption, and protect building and public security.

  • Body-Based People Counting

    Body-Based People Counting

    Face++ made it easy to count people by detecting bodies in images or videos, which can be applied to foot traffic or attendance statistics for retail establishments, airports and schools.

  • Body Tracking

    Body Tracking

    Track human bodies in the video, and adjust the camera according to the movement of body, which enables automatic tracking shot.

Body Detection Index

  • Human Body
    Detect API


    Use Face++ Human Body Detect API to detect human bodies within images, and get back body bounding box and attributes for each detected human body. Body attributes include gender, upper and lower body clothing colors.

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