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What is Skin-status Evaluation?

What is Skin-status Evaluation?

Evaluate skin health status of detected faces, and recognize common skin problems, such as acne, dark circles, and spots on face. Face++ provides high-precision confidence scores for you to measure and assess facial skin status.

Skin-status evaluation helps to evaluate users' skin status, and can be used in various scenarios, such as personalized recommendation of cosmetic and healthcare products, online medical consultation, and online skin health assessment.


Use Cases

  • Skincare product recommendation

    Skincare product recommendation

    With Skin-status Evaluation by Face++, your application can understand facial skin status of users, enabling targeted, precise recommedation of skincare products to users.

  • Online medical consultation

    Online medical consultation

    Face++ helps you quickly and accurately determine users' skin condition, and provide reliable information for further analysis and diagnosis, contributing to intelligent, trusted online medical consultation experience for users.

Skin-status Evaluation Index

  • Beta

    Detect API


    Use Face++ Detect API to detect faces within images, and get back status of skin and token for each detected face. You can pass the face token to other APIs for further processing. Detect API also allows you to get back other face attributes such as ethnicity and headpose.

  • Beta

    Analyze API


    Get face status by passing its face_token to Face Analyze API. You can get face_token by using Detect API. Face Analyze API allows you to process 5 face_token at a time.

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