AR Sticker SDK

Create customized AR stickers based on face landmarks


  • Base on high-precision landmarks which fit the face perfectly
  • Support 30 frames per sec on 1080P videos,sufficient for most scenarios
  • Easily create your own stickers


  • Camera

    Add special effects to photos

  • Webcast

    Enhance interaction between host and audience

  • Online Education

    Combine stickers to improve effects in classes

Technical Specifications

  • Abilities Included
    Face detection、Face landmark、Face tracking、AR sticker
  • Platforms
  • Specifications
    Version: 1.2.3
    Size: <10M
    Valid angles range: yaw ≤ ±45°,pitch ≤ ±90°
    Detection Speed: 100ms @ 1080p*
    Tracking Speed: 7ms @ 1080p*
    Requirements: iPhone 5s or later
    * The specification is for informational purposes only.

Ready to get started?

Integrate the SDK into your app, use Face⁺⁺ services in mobile, PC or other devices.