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What is Gesture Recognition?
What is Gesture Recognition?

What is Gesture Recognition?

Detect and return locations of all the hands within images, and recognize hand gestures. For each hand gesture, Face++ provides high-precision confidence score. Face++ can recognize up to 19 kinds of gestures, such as "victory", "OK", "fist", "rock", etc.

Hand gesture recognition enables your application to better understand actions of your users, providing all-new motion sensing experience based on normal cameras, which will bring great improvements in live broadcasting, online education and games.


Use Cases

  • Live Broadcasting

    Live Broadcasting

    Use hand gestures to trigger special effects when recording videos or broadcasting, which builds unprecedentedly interesting experience for users.

  • Online Education

    Online Education

    In online education, gesture recognition allows students to raise hands to ask questions, or thumb up to endorse courses. It helps to better understand status of students, and enhance interactions in education.

Gesture Recognition Index

  • Beta

    Gesture API


    Detect and recognize all the hands within images, and get back hand bounding boxes and gesture for each detected hand. You will get confidence scores for every possible gestures. Bigger confidence score indicates greater possibility.

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