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  • Face Detection

    Face Detection

    Detect faces within images, and get high-precision face location rectangles. Each detected face can be stored for future analysis.

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  • Face Landmarks

    Face Landmarks

    Locate up to 106 high-precision facial keypoints, enabling advanced effects such as face stickers and 3D animated models.

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  • Face Attributes

    Face Attributes

    Analyze face related attributes, including age, gender, emotion, head pose, eye status, ethnicity, face image quality and blurriness.

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  • Face Comparing

    Face Comparing

    Compute the similarity of two faces, and return a confidence score and thresholds to evaluate the similarity.

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  • Face Searching

    Face Searching

    Find similar faces to a new face from a given collection of faces, along with confidence scores and thresholds to evaluate the similarity.

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  • Body Attributes

    Body Attributes

    Analyze a series of body related attributes, including gender, upper and lower body clothing colors.

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  • Body Detection

    Body Detection

    Detect and locate human bodies within images, and return high-precision body bounding boxes.

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  • Body Outlining

    Body Outlining

    Detect outlines of bodies within images, making it easy to differentiate bodies from complicated background.

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More than 50000 customers and developers use Face++ to build powerful apps with greater security, accessibility and creativity


Alipay, the leading online payment platform in China, keeps improving user experience and transaction security with Face++ authentication technology. Users can reset missing password using facial recognition.


Lenovo turned to Face++ for a leading and reliable biological identification solution. With Face++, Lenovo's video call application allows users to smile in front of their computer or mobile device, and directly log in their account.


UCAR succeeded in building a safe and easy riding experience with facial recognition service by Face++. Face Comparing offered great help in solving fraud and cheating.

Camera 360

Camera 360, one of the most popular
photo editing and filter apps, allows
users to edit their selfies with
numerous effects, with Face++'s
high-precision face detection and landmarks algorithms.


Meitu, a famous photo editing application producers, cooperated with Face++ on its brand-new smartphone MeituKiss and Meiyan Camera app to provide automatic makeup, beauty effects and photo beautification for users.

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