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  • Face Detection

    Face Detection

    Detect faces within images, and get high-precision face location rectangles. Each detected face can be stored for future analysis.

  • Face Landmarks

    Face Landmarks

    Locate up to 106 high-precision facial keypoints, enabling advanced effects such as face stickers and 3D animated models.

  • Face Attributes

    Face Attributes

    Analyze face related attributes, including age, gender, emotion, head pose, eye status, ethnicity, face image quality and blurriness.

  • Face Comparing

    Face Comparing

    Compute the similarity of two faces, and return a confidence score and thresholds to evaluate the similarity.

  • Face Searching

    Face Searching

    Find similar faces to a new face from a given collection of faces, along with confidence scores and thresholds to evaluate the similarity.

  • Body Attributes

    Body Attributes

    Analyze a series of body related attributes, including gender, upper and lower body clothing colors.

  • Body Detection

    Body Detection

    Detect and locate human bodies within images, and return high-precision body bounding boxes.

  • Body Outlining

    Body Outlining

    Detect outlines of bodies within images, making it easy to differentiate bodies from complicated background.

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