What is Body Outlining?

What is Body Outlining?

Detect outlines of bodies within one image, and return a string consisting of floating-point numbers. Each of the numbers corresponds to one pixel point in original image, and indicates the confidence that the point is within body outline.

Face++ body outlining technology can differentiate multiple bodies from complicated background, which enables you to easily perform picture composition, post-processing and other effects.


Use Cases

  • Photo Composition

    Photo Composition

    Segment the photo and get the body image automatically, composite with a new background. Face++ makes it easy for you to create amazing photos and realize each of your idea.

  • Photo Post-Processing

    Photo Post-Processing

    Shoot first, focus later. Face++ enables you to recognize the outline of bodies within the photo, and perform background bokeh. Get high-quality photo like an expert.

  • Entertainment Effects

    Entertainment Effects

    Add preset background effects to human bodies within images or videos, making your entertainment application more attractive than ever before.

Body Outlining Index

  • Beta

    Segment API


    Detect bodies within one image, recognize the outlines of the bodies, and return a greyscale image. The greyscale image will indicate whether each pixel is within the human body outlines.

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