What is Face Searching?

What is Face Searching?

Find similar-looking faces to a new face, from a given collection of faces. Face++'s fast and accurate search returns a collection of similar faces, along with confidence score and thresholds to evaluate the similarity.

With Face Searching, you can create an index of faces in your photo library. It is also applied to quickly determine the identities of people in large crowds , given a photo ID database.



Try Face Searching now by uploading local images, or providing image URLs. To the probe face at left, Face++ will find 5 most similar faces from the collection. To manage your own collection, please sign in to your account.
This demo is built with Search API and FaceSet APIs. If you have any specific technical requirements, check the index below or contact us.


Search Result

Search Result

Manage Your Face Images Collection

Response JSON

Use Cases

  • Searchable Photo Library

    Searchable Photo Library

    With Face Searching, you can easily group similar faces detected in photo library. You will be able to build a smart photo album app with automatic face grouping feature.

  • Face-Based Gate Control

    Face-Based Gate Control

    Collect a visitor's face image, and search similar faces in your photo ID database to determine the visitor's identity, which enables automated gate control or attendance check.

  • Security Monitoring

    Security Monitoring

    Face++ can detect all the faces in monitoring images, and search similar faces in given database, in order to help you find dangerous or missing persons.

Face Searching Index

  • Search API


    Search API returns most similar-looking faces to a target face, from a given collection of faces, along with confidence scores and thresholds to evaluate the similarity. To set up face collection, you need to first detect and store face metadata in FaceSet. Search API is widely used in photo grouping and security monitoring.

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