Face Landmarks SDK

Use Face⁺⁺ face detection,tracking and landmarks offline


  • Track faces in just 3 ms,and detect all faces within 100 ms,on 1080p HD
  • High-precision 106-point landmarks which fit the face perfectly,and remain stable against video jitter
  • Smartly balance usage of resources,and provide ultra stable low power consumption and CPU usage stably,while maintaining impressive high performance


  • Online marketing

    Simulate expressions on real time

  • Social entertainment

    Apply stickers and filters to faces perfectly

  • Face Beauty

    reshape and beautify contour and components of faces precisely

Technical Specifications

  • Platforms
  • Specifications
    Version: 0.4.7
    SDK Size: ~ 5 M
    Allowable Face Angle: yaw ≤ ±45°,pitch ≤ ±90°
    Detect Speed: 100ms @ 1080p*
    Track Speed: 7ms @ 1080p*
    * The tech specs listed above are from testing report with newest Face Landmark SDK,on real application database. The algorithms on Face Landmark SDK are not the same as algorithms on other products,including Web API and other SDK,thus the tech specs are not applicable to other products.Performance of algorithms depends on the device and database. This is for your reference only.

Ready to get started?

Integrate the SDK into your app, use Face⁺⁺ services in mobile, PC or other devices.