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What is Emotion Recognition?

What is Emotion Recognition?

Analyze and identify emotion of detected faces. Analysis result of each detected face includes confidence scores for seven kinds of emotion : anger, disgust, fear, happiness, neutral, sadness, and surprise.

Emotion is one of the most important attributes of a face. Accurate emotion recognition enables you to perform emotion-based, sophisticated tasks, such as precise advertising, customer satisfaction analysis, and online education.


Use Cases

  • Precise advertising

    Precise advertising

    Emotion recognition by Face++ enables you to know quickly how customers like the ads by analyzing their facial emotion, which can be applied in retails to perform precise advertising.

  • Online education

    Online education

    Real-time facial emotion analysis of students enables teachers to assess students' interest and understanding in the course, which helps to create refreshing online education experience.

Emotion Recognition Index

  • Beta

    Detect API


    Use Face++ Detect API to detect faces within images, and get back face emotion express and threshold. And the API also get back token for each detected face. You can pass the face token to other APIs for further processing. Detect API also allows you to get back other face attributes such as ethnicity and headpose.

  • Beta

    Analyze API


    Get emotion express and threshold by passing its face_token to Face Analyze API. You can get face_token by using Detect API. Face Analyze API allows you to process 5 face_token at a time.

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