Filter SDK

Real-time or post-processing full-screen filters


  • Real-time full-screen filters
  • 35 types of filters provided


  • Beauty Camera

    A flexible change of different filter functions

  • Online Marketing

    Create a unique atmosphere for promotion

Technical Specifications

  • Abilities Included
    Face Detection、Face Landmarks、Face Tracking、Face Attributes
  • Platforms
  • Specifications
    Version: 1.2.4
    Size: <10M
    Valid angles range: yaw ≤ ±45°,pitch ≤ ±90°
    Detection Speed: 100ms @ 1080p*
    Tracking Speed: 7ms @ 1080p*
    Minimum reference: iPhone 5s and the same configuration models
    * The tech specs listed above are from testing report with latest SDK,on real application database. Performance of algorithms depends on the device and database. This is for your reference only.

Ready to get started?

Integrate the SDK into your app, use Face⁺⁺ services in mobile, PC or other devices.