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What is Face Detection?

What is Face Detection?

Face++ detects and locates human faces within an image, and returns high-precision face bounding boxes.

Face detection is the first step to analysing and processing faces, Face++ also allows you to store metadata of each detected face for future use.


Use Cases

  • Face-Based People Counting

    Face-Based People Counting

    Face++ made it easy to count people by
    detecting faces in images or videos, which can
    be applied to foot traffic or attendance
    statistics for retail establishments, airports and

  • Group Photo Tagging

    Group Photo Tagging

    Find and locate all the faces in a group photo.
    You will never miss anyone's smile under any
    circumstance such as university graduations or
    marathon races.

Face Detection Index

  • Detect API


    Use Face++ Detect API to detect faces within images, and get back face bounding box and token for each detected face. You can pass the face token to other APIs for further processing.
    Detect API also allows you to get back face landmarks and attributes for the top 5 largest detected faces.

  • Face Landmark

    Learn More

    Face++ Face Landmark SDK enables your application to perform facial recognition on mobile devices locally. You can detect and track all the faces in videos streams in real time, and get back high-precision landmarks for each face. Avaiable for iOS and Android now. With Face Landmark SDK, you can easily build avatar and face filter applications.

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