Price Model

  • Free
    Free sign up and try out all Face⁺⁺ services
  • Pay As You Go
    Top up account and pay for what you consume
  • Daily/Monthly Plan
    Prepay for future usage by QPS capacity
  • Pay for Licensing
    Billed by license period or license number


Quick FAQs

  • Is Free Plan really free? Is credit card needed?

    Yes, it's completely free. No credit card needed. No upfront fee or commitment.

  • Can I set the starting time of Monthly / Hourly Plan?

    Yes, you can set the starting time when purchasing Monthly / Hourly Plan. Note that starting time should be later than the earliest hour.

  • Can I use Pay-as-you-go and Monthly plans simultaneously?

    For APIs in same group, you cannot use these two plans simultaneously. For APIs in different groups, you can use two plans respectively.

  • What is QPS and QPS capacity?

    QPS is the number of queries or requests per second. If you have more QPS capacity, more API requests can be handled within a certain period of time.

  • Can I add up Monthly / Hourly Plans?

    If the time periods of two plans intersect, then during the intersection period, the QPS capacity in these two plans would be added up.

  • How to calculate QPS capacity?

    When using APIs in same group, QPS capacity will be calculated together. If you purchase 5 QPS capacity for facial recognition group, you can make 5 requests in 1 second, no matter which API in this group you are using.

  • What is the validity of my account balance?

    There is no time limitation for validity of account balance. You can use account balance any time.