Face⁺⁺ AI Open Platform is a platform offering computer vision technologies that enable your applications to read and understand the world better. Face⁺⁺ allows you to easily add leading, deep learning-based image analysis recognition technologies into your applications, with simple and powerful APIs and SDKs.

The Road So Far

We established our vision as Power Human with AI ever since the launch of first version of Face⁺⁺ in 2012. We believe in the power of artificial intelligence, and have been dedicated to deliver leading, reliable service to every developer and customer. Fortunately, our effort has paid off. Since Face⁺⁺'s debut, thousands of users have employed Face⁺⁺ facial recognition APIs and SDKs, making Face⁺⁺ the most popular platform offering computer vision service in the market. We also made great achievements in facial recognition research field, winning several world-class competitions including FDDB, 300-W and LFW.

As we continue to expand our capability set of computer vision available to Face⁺⁺ users, we challenged ourselves to find a polished way to deliver service for developers and businesses of all sizes. In 2017, we proudly announced Face⁺⁺ AI Open Platform, a new version of Face⁺⁺, and another step towards visual intelligence. Face⁺⁺ AI Open Platform is an all new platform, with our prestigious computer vision algorithms at the core, even faster, simpler, and better.

A Platform on Your Terms

More than Facial Recognition

All the APIs and SDKs offered by Face⁺⁺ AI Open Platform are powered by up-to-date algorithms, which deliver leading efficiency, accuracy reliability. We goes far beyond the old version of Face⁺⁺, and once again lead the market of facial recognition technologies. While dedicated to offer the best facial recognition technologies, we exploited our advantage of artificial intelligence and expand the capability set to include image recognition, OCR, object recognition, etc. And we continue to improve the breadth and accuracy of our technology as we train it to take on new challenges. You can test the performance of our service on your own. — It's completely free to start.

Free & Premium Options

We're committed to meet the requirements of every customer. Face⁺⁺ AI Open Platform offers both free and premium options for all users. You can get free access to all Face⁺⁺ APIs, with no usage limits, no upfront fees, no commitments. And we offer premium options including Pay-As-You-Go and Monthly Plan, for businesses of all sizes, meeting the demand of higher performance and technical support. There are two featured licensing plans for SDKs as well. For more details, please refer to the Pricing page.

Better Product, Better Service

We've made great effort to develop a better product with simplicity and reliability. Besides the re-designed interface and profound demonstration, Face⁺⁺ AI Open Platform platform provides a complete console dashboard and documentation center, which enable you to explore every detail of our products, to scale and view your usage and billing. We also offer SLA and support plans for premium options.

We've been greatly driven by positive feedbacks from our customers, and we look forward to continuing to serve you. We cannot wait to see what you build.


Face⁺⁺ Team