Free Policy

Free Policy for APIs Start Free

Sign up and try out Face⁺⁺ services freely. No limitation on total usage. Shard QPS capacity with other users. One account has one free API key.

QPS Limitation for Free Key
Facial Recognition

3 in total

(Dense Facial Landmarks API has its own QPS limitation as 1)

Human Body Recognition

Body Detect & Skeleton Detect API, Human Body Segment API, Hand Gesture API each has 1

Image Beautify


Image Recognition

Album Cluster API Set has 3 in total

Free Policy for SDK Start Free

SDK free trial includes 1 day authorized online licensing, including Landmark SDK(Android) and Landmark SDK(iOS). you can authorize the SDK 5 times per day. For offline SDK or other free trial package, please Contact Sales.

Licensing Model
Face Landmark SDK
Online licensing ; Offline licensing
Face Compare SDK
Offline licensing